Smart energy

The instability of the energy grid increases. Due to the raising share of energy generated by solar panels, windmills and fuel cells, it is not easy to estimate the correct amount of energy consumption of a coming period,. It becomes more and more difficult (and more expensive) to adjust the energy production.
In order to keep these power fluctuations on the grid within manageable limits, energy storage can help. A good prediction can result in a perfectly coordinated and therefore profitable (limited) energy storage.

Our solutions

High voltage

byNubian offers predictive analytics that lead to solutions for day-to-day forecasts.
Easyflex, the Powerhouse version of the byNeuron platform, offers companies (which consume more than 4Mwh/day) the opportunity to buy and sell energy directly on the energy market (buy at energy surplus, sell at energy shortage) at the most favorable rates. This not only results in cost savings for both the energy supplier and the end user, but above all for more efficient energy consumption and a better net balance.


A tomato nursery of 3.8 ha has 3 cogeneration plants (combined heat and power) of a total of 2.7 MW. By selling ‘expensive’ energy hours combined with the purchase of ‘cheap’ hours, they saved € 26,000 in six months.

Low voltage

byNubian offers installers and owners of PV systems (Photo Voltaic) and fuel cell systems the ability to monitor the operation and consumption of the installation easily and in real timevia an intuitive dashboard from any device connected to the internet.

The byNeuron platform offers more control over the renewable energy production and higher efficiency of your system.

A fuel cell plant combined with a battery storage system can function offgrid. When different fuel cell and/or solar energy installations are linked together, a virtual power plant is created. At peak consumption, these power plants can supply energy to the grid, creating a better net balance. The byNeuron cloud platform is the perfect tool to implement this link.

Smart grids

In a smart grid new technologies and strategies are linked to make the electricity system more reliable, efficient and less expensive.

Due to the limitations of the existing regulations, the increase of green energy and the increasingly conscious energy consumer, the need to enable bidirectional power flows and bidirectional information flows about consumption and pricing between utilities and consumers will contribute to the advancements of today’s grid.

byNubian and our partner Microsoft are delivering innovation to meet the increasing demands of refinement and automation of the grid.

Millions of new grid monitoring devices are combined with end users’ smart meters and smart devices who send data to control systems (see also smart buildings/cities). We collect terabytes, petabytes, exabytes and now even zettabytes of data. Utilities are faced with a challenge to process these massive amounts of data, including how to turn this data into information in a secure way. However, this is the perfect job for our byNeuron platform.