Sustainability is not just a buzzword for byNubian, it’s an important value. byNubian‘s mission is to make buildings, energy grids and other complex sensor systems smarter, in order to optimize the performance, the user comfort and the energy consumption. Sustainability is one of our core tasks.

Smart buildings/cities

byNubian uses smart technology to save energy in buildings. If we extend the technology of these smart buildings to the entire city, the so-called smart city, these cities will become more livable, economically profitable and sustainable.

Smart energy

byNubian supports the setting up of smart energy networks with the largest possible share of green energy (solar panels, windmills, biogas, fuel cells, …).

The human being central

By using all this smart technology we can not lose sight of people. After all, people live and work in these smart homes, smart buildings and smart cities. We focus on the well-being of people.
Within building management, for example, this can be done by applying the WELL standard and Human Centric Lighting (the influence of light on the biological rhythm of humans).