Cloud based data platforms

Thinking of building your own IoT platform? Think twice!

Building a performant IoT platform requires a mix of functionality and skills in the domains of security, infrastructure, big-data and analytics. byNubian has this expertise in-house.

byNeuron is the perfect IoT platform to connect, control and store the state of your things. One of the unique features of this platform is that the data, before being written to the database, is already processed, non-relevant data is immediately filtered.

byNubian offers predictive analytics (predictions based on data-analytics) providing a unique solution for the optimal management of complex buildings and data. Using the byNeuron cloud platform configured to your needs, you can focus on your business case and getting ahead of your competition.

  • Secured using SSL, JWT…
  • MQTT
  • Field gateways for KNX, ModBUS, MBus, BACNet
  • scalable to billions
  • Any type of master- or reference data
  • Events to capture changes of numbers, positions, tekst…

  • Configurable rules engine or custom machine learning algorithms
  • Filter or tag incoming data
  • Define actions
  • Monitoring
  • Custom time series
  • Alerts