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Smart buildings

Buildings are responsible for a huge part of the energy consumption: 40% of our energy is used for lighting, heating, cooling and air treatment of buildings. They have become complex eco-systems with a growing number of sensors and things that perform services, communicate, can be controlled and/or generate data. But these ‘things’ are seldom measured on actual efficiency.

byNubian delivers products and solutions to integrate all building devices (KNX, Modbus, BACnet, LoRaWan,…), so you can analyze their behavior and transform the energy of your building and operational data into real value, both ecological and financial, creating a true Building Internet of Your Things.

byNeuron collects and analyzes large volumes of data from equipment such as air conditioners, heat pumps, lighting, … but also from the flow of building occupants, the weather conditions etc. The data is sent on a secure way to the byNeuron cloud platform where it is analyzed. With byNeuron you have a clear real-time vision on the behavior of your building. You can see for example when the heat was turned on, at what temperature and for how long. You can identify operational inefficiencies and equipment faults that can save you up to 43% energy savings. 

Example: heatpump

Disturbed pattern

Normal pattern

This is how our partner Microsoft describes a smart building:

Smart lighting

A smart building requires smart lighting. There is still too often and wrongly lit. The impact of lighting on the biorhythm of humans, animals and plants is enormous. The better we can adjust lighting to consumption, the lower the costs for the building and the higher the comfort for the user.

Smart technology also offers new possibilities in public lighting: additional sensors can be placed in the luminaire to measure the temperature, humidity, noise or CO2 emissions, which transmit traffic density or other data and thus contribute to a smart city.

byNubian specializes in capturing, storing and analyzing all this data. Within the Cluster Groen Licht Vlaanderen, we work together with companies from the lighting industry on a more sustainable and comfortable lighting.

Smart charging

Transportation is in full evolution. Within a few years we will all be driving electric vehicles. To avoid charging these vehicles causes extra peak consumption, we have to charge them dynamically. Simply plug the vehicle into a charging station won’t do. Tou have to take into account: other vehicles connected to the same charging station, vehicles connected to other charging stations in the same charging park, the consumption of the building to which the charging park is connected, the data of the individual vehicle, etc.

Linking all this data and steering this dynamic balancing is the perfect job for the byNeuron cloud platform.

Smart cities

A smart city doesn’t only consist of smart buildings but connects various information and operational systems with each other to achieve sustainable results. An intelligent system makes a city more livable, sustainable and economically profitable.

We associate a smart city with connected electricity grids (smart grids) that light, dim or dazzle the lighting efficiently (smart lighting), with intelligent wind parks that produce clean energy (smart energy), with traffic solutions that reduce congestion and air pollution (smart charching), …

The secure connection of all this real-time information (data) and making it available in a clear way, is the perfect job for the byNeuron cloud platform.