Smart buildings

Buildings are responsible for a huge part of the energy consumption: 40% of our energy is used for lighting, heating, cooling and air treatment of buildings. They have become complex eco-systems with a growing number of sensors and things that perform services, communicate, can be controlled and/or generate data. But these ‘things’ are seldom measured on actual efficiency.

byNeuron collects and analyzes large volumes of data from equipment such as air conditioners, heat pumps, lighting, … but also from the flow of building occupants, the weather conditions etc. The data is sent on a secure way to the byNeuron cloud platform where it is analyzed. With byNeuron you have a clear real-time vision on the behavior of your building. You can see for example when the heat was turned on, at what temperature and for how long. You can identify operational inefficiencies and equipment faults. 

byNubian delivers products and solutions to integrate all building devices (KNX, Modbus, BACnet, LoRaWan,…), so you can analyze their behavior and transform the energy of your building and operational data into real value, both ecological and financial, creating a true Building Internet of Your Things.

This is how our partner Microsoft describes a smart building:

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