A few of our customers

  • AxA

    Building ‘Troonstraat’, Brussels

  • University of Antwerp


  • Commission rooms, Forum building


  • Bioscape

    Life science incubator, Ghent

  • Recticel


  • Powerhouse

    Easyflex energy platform

  • Odisee, KU Leuven

    Technology Campus, Ghent

  • Umons


  • Museum M


“We use byNubian software to reduce energy costs and improve the comfort of the employees.”

Xavier Musschoot, VMA.

“The KNXNode is compatible with the KNX technology we use in our buildings for decades. With the KNXVision software we have a clear vision on all technical installations of our buildings anywhere any time.”

Wouter Covens, University of Antwerp

“Compliance with regulations is key for us. byNubian makes compliance reporting simple, accurate, and worry free.”

Joeri Thiré, Dynamitec.

byNeuron is a great tool to follow up continuous commissioning and to help us improve our building operation.”

Bart Faict, Istema

“The byNeuron IoT-platform provides us with real-time energy visibility, analytics and graphs. With byNubian we get a lot more information out of our building and process data.
Above this, the integration with KNXVision was seamless.”

Gert Stalpaert, Recticel

“With Easyflex, the Powerhouse version of byNeuron, we unburden companies in their bid process for buying or selling energy directly from and to the market, at the most favorable rates available.”

Anton Westra, Powerhouse.

“With byNubian our students keep their finger on the pulse of recent developments in sustainable energy, smart cities, smart grids and the Internet of Things.”

Sylvie De Muynck, Odisee

“The KNXVision software is user friendly, whether you create 100 pages or drag & drop 10.000 items.”

Danny Mertens, Siegers Technics

byNeuron presents data in a way that is easy to understand and act on. The ability to detect problems, was important to solve them.”

Jérôme Jouniaux, Umons

KNXVision is a user-friendly interface, we can for instance easily adjust the lighting in each exhibition hall.”
Maarten Janssen, facility manager, Museum M